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"Equisitouch has been a game changer for myself and my horses.  I started using Cassi in my attempt to always offer my horses the best care and support in their competitive career. Cassi's work is non-invasive and allows the body to heal and support on it's own and that concept intrigued me.  Since starting, Cassi now works on all of my personal show horses.  They compete through the 1.40's and are sounder and jump better then they ever have before.  I have consistently noticed in every horse that Cassi has worked on at my farm a significant improvement in top-lines.  The horses are easier to work over their backs so their backs are wider, haunches are rounder, and necks are bigger. This change makes the horse straighter and the straighter the horse the less likely of injury.  Since starting with Cassi my show horses have received no invasive veterinary procedures for maintenance AND have had no injuries while competing at the top of their game. An added bonus is that they LOVE their sessions with Cassi. Even the young horses quickly relax into it and it has been great support for them as they build muscles under saddle for the first time, keeping them from getting sore and souring to a life of work. 
Seeing the great results in the horses I decided I better take care of myself as a rider too.  I ride around 10 horses a day, a lot that are young, and it takes its toll on my physically.  Cassi's rider sessions have changed my life. I don't feel "broken" anymore when I'm off the horses and the sessions are relaxing and painless making them easy to keep up with. In the saddle I am able to relax more as old my old injuries seem to just disappear and I know the horses feel this and appreciate it as well.
I highly recommend Equisitouch to equestrians looking to give the absolute best quality of life to their horses and anyone looking to get a competitive edge in any equestrian discipline."

~Jennifer Kallam - Grand Prix show jumper and dressage's USDF Silver Medalist, Feb 22, 2020 

 “Hello, my name is Nan and I am a 77yr old retired nurse of 45 years.  I was diagnosed with sever degenerative disc disease, stenosis and osteoarthritis in my spinal column in 2008.  I have had 3 surgeries on my neck to stabilize it and 1 surgery on my lower back.  I have osteoarthritis all over my entire body with the worst pain being in my left wrist, right shoulder and both knees.  In 2014 I had a total right knee replacement that failed and the pain is now greater than before the surgery, making it quite difficult to walk.  I also have stage 3 kidney failure.

Recently I was advised by a good friend to get a hold of Cassandra and get some treatments by the Equiscope.  I was very skeptical because as being a nurse, I have seen many types of pain treatments come and go.  Some were successful and some were not.  After a few more conversations, I gave in and started having treatments.  Due to my chronic issues, Cassandra recommended no less than 15 sessions and see what happens from there.  I started seeing her 3 times a week.

Now, even after a few treatments, I have started feeling the positive effects of the treatments.  The pain in my shoulder that used to wake me has been reduced to 50% and the pain in my left wrist has decreased by more than 75%. My knees had neurosis, so I couldn’t even sleep on my side with my knees touching.  After the first session, that had changed, and now I can sleep more comfortably and sometimes not awoken at all by pain.  I have stopped all my pain medication since I started the treatments.

I recently got back my kidney scores, the GFR and Creatinine levels, and they are at a lower level then they have been in over 5 years.  My doctor is thrilled with the results.

Cassandra talked to me on the importance of diet and exercise to help to keep the inflammation down, and to impact my kidneys positively.  Cassi is experienced and knowledgeable about this entire procedure and has learned her craft well.

If you are suffering from pain, please give this a chance. It will most likely take more than 1 treatment, and maybe even 3 before you see or feel any improvement, but it will be worth it in the end.”

~ Nan , Feb 1st, 2020


“Cassi has worked on my 22 year old Arabian mare Paloma, who has the beginnings of arthritis. Before Cassi, Paloma always had her ears pinned and her nostrils all crinkled up with grumpiness, the typical “crotchety old woman.” Since having Cassi’s services, she is more
comfortable, not as grumpy, and generally acts more like her younger self. Cassi was able to find, through her acupressure, that Paloma was in need of having her teeth looked at. So, I called the vet, and sure enough, she needed her teeth floated. I then elected to have Cassi do
the Equiscope on Paloma. It was a few days after a hard ride, and Paloma was stiff and sore. After one session, Paloma was feeling playful, and actually wanted attention, which is not normal. It was interesting to see the transformation that occurred in the short time it took. Once Paloma gave into the therapy, she became so relaxed and sleepy, she was not the same horse.”

~ Owner of Arabian Mare Paloma

“I wanted to write my first testimonial because I suffer from  Achilles Tendinitis and Cassandra Johnson offered to work on my foot. She first decided to get into this business because she has a passion for animals and helping them relieve their pain when they do not have a voice. She focuses on horses because that is her spirit animal and has a strong connection to them wild or tamed.


She noticed me hobbling or riding a scooter because I could not walk with my Achilles issue.  I was open to anything at the time because the pain really puts life on hold.  I have a 2 year old boy at home and there is no days off being a parent. We did three treatments with the plates and the magic wishbone(at least that’s what I call it). My foot and ankle area looked like a melon from the swelling and after the first treatment I was able to put a shoe back on. After the second treatment I was able to walk with minimal pain. After the third treatment I was normal with just a hint of inflammation.  Me being addicted to outdoor activity and snowboarding decided to push the envelope and go ride because I felt that much better from three treatments. I can attest to this remarkable machine healing  and taking inflammation away from the painful area.


 She is remarkable in her care and explaining of the functions of how the machine works and what the end goal is during treatment. Please reach out to her if you are ailing from nagging injuries or if your beloved animals are suffering.


If you would like to hear more of my story please do not hesitate to call and ask questions.”


Adam, 512-787-0188

“Since starting regular acupressure sessions with Equisitouch my horse is back to her old self. Thank you Equisitouch, your work made all the difference.”

~ John, A Horse Lover, Longmont, CO

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